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Coal washing machine use:
Mainly used for coal in the coal, coal gangue separation, the size of the separation, but separated off coal of high ash coal nature and inherent ash. Can reduce the pyrite, sulfur.

Coal washing machine advantages
This machine is automatic voltage, using suspension principle can distinguish coal gangue and in separation, automatically eliminated waste, through the intelligent speed hoist, gangue and water separation forward positions, and at the same time dehydration. The host automatically control and artificial control double combination, jigging and refuse discharge frequency according to the coal gangue content intelligent control, intelligent resolution gangue with high accuracy is more than ninety percent. The operation is simple, is the leader in clean coal.

Air valve in the selected frequency will air feeding and exhausting jig air chamber, so that the jig in aqueous media to form upper and lower fluctuation motion. From the feeding section to the first airframe section ( section of the coal gangue ), in a pulsating under the action of water flow on the sieve plate according to the density stratification, density of large gangue gradually sinking. The material in the fluctuation of forward movement, gangue in gangue segment end is discharged to the discharging room gate. Coal and coal with pulsating flow into second sections ( in section) continue layering, the coal distribution in bottom, moves to the end by the gate is discharged to the coal discharge, while the distribution in the coal from the discharging end of overflow, such, coal is divided into two

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